Frequently asked questions

Who is Forge for?

Forge is for anyone with a large network of relationships, whether those relationships are with clients, customers, colleagues, users, vendors, patients, bosses, friends, family, alumni… basically, as long as the relationship is with another human being then Forge can help you grow it.

What’s the science and methodology behind Forge?

Forge leverages two key sources: first, the exciting and growing academic field of relationship and behavioral science, and second the empirical experiences and observations of many active large-network professionals and business experts. We find these sources overlap and integrate cleanly, permitting us to say confidently that Forge is the best relationship growth engine available anywhere.

How can I maximize the benefits of using Forge?

Forge has been intentionally designed to create positive habits that promote trust building and relationship growth, and Forge’s AI works around the clock to find you natural opportunities to engage with your contacts. Engaging with these opportunities as Forge presents them will maximize your returns.

Additionally, a helpful “formula” for building trust is to ensure you are maximizing your Credibility (expertise), Reliability (follow-through), and Intimacy (caring), while minimizing your Self-orientation (i.e., you should focus on other people before yourself). While Forge helps optimize all four of these traits, we also find it helpful to set aside time each week for intentional reflection on our performance in these traits and how we can improve.

Could Forge be more automated to save me even more time?

Forge’s design has been carefully calibrated to ensure your contacts always understand your genuine interest in them as people first. Appearing insincere in your efforts or “phoning it in” could cause lasting damage and is something we work hard to help you avoid. Specifically, too much automation can actually increase this risk so we ensure “human-in-the-loop” decision making within Forge. Also, while Forge greatly reduces the workload and “friction” of managing relationships, a small amount of user work is also desirable (a) for ensuring your awareness of your network’s activities, (b) for awareness of actions being taken in your name, as well as (c) to reinforce your recollection of others’ key personal details during live conversations.