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Need a better way to build genuine relationships? 

Hello, we’re Forge. 

Built for busy professionals, by busy professionals.

Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.

Forge is your CRM Copilot.

Build, manage, and measure your professional network smarter and faster.

"Embrace the power of connection," I often tell those around me. As the Chief Product & Technology Officer, my journey in crafting a relationship-focused CRM copilot has been nothing short of transformative.


When I first stepped into the realm of professional networking, I was confronted with the daunting task of creating meaningful connections in a sea of fleeting interactions. The challenge was not just to connect, but to cultivate relationships that were both deep and meaningful. This is when I realized I was going to need help.


Initially, I viewed networking as a transactional activity, but soon, I learned that at its core, networking is about nurturing trust and mutual respect. I discovered that the key to successful relationships lies in consistent, genuine engagement. It's about showing true interest in others' success and being a reliable partner in their journey.


By leveraging Forge, I could systematically and thoughtfully manage my connections. It wasn't just about remembering names and details, but about understanding and responding to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual in my network. This deliberate approach has opened doors to collaborations and opportunities that were previously unimaginable.

Moreover, this tool has not only enhanced professional business outcomes, but also enriched my personal growth. Through deeper, more meaningful connections, I've gained valuable insights, broadened my perspectives, and found mentors and friends in unexpected places.

The beauty of a relationship-focused CRM is that it transforms networking from a task to a fulfilling journey. It reminds us that, at the heart of every business interaction, is a human connection, waiting to be discovered and nurtured.

John Figueiredo
Chief Product & Technology Officer | Forge

“Go and build relationships!” my boss told me. I was in my first sales role and I didn’t have a clue how to do it. 

The client relationships other salespeople leveraged to win took years if not decades to develop. Success looked unachievable from my junior position.

But eventually the penny dropped. I realized that relationship building is actually all about building trust. I didn't win unless others did. It really was that simple.


The more I dug into it, the more I realized that building trust is just a matter of doing just a few things consistently well. Those few behaviors proved to others that I genuinely cared what happened to them and that I'd always do my best to help them.

With this new understanding, I set out to build trust-based relationships with everyone I met, which in turn led to introductions to new people. My network got stronger, and my career took off.

As I got busier and busier, I soon enough realized that I needed more help. I knew what to do, but I didn't have the memory, bandwidth, or frankly discipline to stay on top of my network like I needed to. And this is where the idea of Forge was born.

Forge is the only people-centered calendar that helps busy professionals actively manage and strengthen their networks. Try Forge today and let it help you build the trust-based relationships you need to achieve your goals.

Mike Winn 
Founder & Chief Executive Officer | Forge
Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.
Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.

Forge is the only platform you need to manage contacts, craft effective relationships, and cement your trusted advisor status.

Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.

Forge’s AI-powered coaching assistant shows you and your team how to ask the right questions to develop trust and make you feel prepared and confident. 

Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.

Remember their kids’ names! Just-in-time reminders, integrated with your calendars, allow you to prep for meetings seamlessly and continue where you left off, while also helping enhance natural detail retention.

Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.

Their personal interests drive news searches. Stop spending hours scrolling for a reason to keep in touch, instead send curated industry updates and news to your contacts that’ll look like you’ve done the hard work.

Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.

Secure and private. Forge’s multiple security layers ensure you have peace of mind and the confidence to build strong, lasting relationships with your key clients.

Why Forge?

“I want my clients to feel like I don’t work with anybody else, and Forge gives me ways to connect on a deeper level with them. I find  communication is so easy, but now thanks to Forge I’m listening a little bit deeper than I was... this app means a lot to me because it is who I am, and it’s easy to work with something when it works well with me.

-Stacy H., Realtor

“When my predecessor retired after 37 years with the company I picked up a bunch of accounts that required a ton of introductions. Each company I’m dealing with has numerous offices and key players scattered across the country. Keeping this information straight while noting “personal touch” type details is incredibly difficult. Forge fits that need and will be helpful far beyond sales."

- Geoff C., Senior Sales Manager

“I find the real problem sales associates struggle with when trying to achieve their goals or increase sales is remembering it’s not only about who they know, but also about who they’re forgetting. Forge flawlessly ensures no client slips through the cracks."

- Jessica W., Fortune 500 sales leader

Faster meeting prep. Stronger relationships.
  • Create meaningful human connections
  • Differentiate yourself from the crowd
  • Close more business

Built for busy professionals, by busy professionals.

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